Assigning Licenses on SharePoint

XVI. Assigning Licenses

A subscription to Microsoft office 365 for enterprises is made up of licenses to set up services. A company chooses the services it needs and the number of users that it requires for each of those services; then the administrator assigns a license to each user for each service that a user needs access to.

i. Assign License

1. Go to [Users] screen and click on a member you would like to edit license for.

2. Check the license you would like to assign for the member and press [Save] when finished.

Assigning Licenses

TIP*** You may create or edit licenses for more than one members at once. Go to Users page and select on all of the members you would like to create or edit licenses for and click on [Edit]. Click next until you see the [Assign Licenses] screen. On this screen you can edit licenses features for the members assigned.

Assigning Licenses

Assigning Licenses

ii. Cancelling Licenses.

1. Go to [Users] screen and click on a member you would like to cancel licenses to.
2. Uncheck the licenses and click [Save]

Assigning Licenses

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