Audio and Video Device on Lync

Microsoft Lync Online communications software detects any compatible communications devices that you are using for audio or video through your computer, such as a headset, webcam, microphone, and speakers. You can also modify the settings to adjust the volume, and check the audio and video quality.

Audio and video device on Lync

i. Setting Audio Options

Click on Lync [Options] -> [Audio Device] -> [Customize Device]. You can change settings on Speaker, Microphone, and Ringer. Use the green arrow button to test out the setting.

Audio and video device on Lync

ii. Setting Video Options

1. To change video device settings, go to Lync [Options] -> [Video Device]. If your camera is working correctly, the video picture is displayed. If you have another program open related with the webcam, you won’t see the video picture until you close that program.

Audio and video device on Lync
2. If you have more than one video device and want to switch, click on the drop down menu and select from the following listed. Click on the Web cam settings to change [Video Proc Amp] and [Camera Control]. Once you are done changing settings, click OK on the ‘Properties’ window and ‘Options’ window.

Audio and video device on Lync

iii. Ringtones and Sounds Options

Set ringtones for your phone and for other sounds, such as notifications. In the Lync main window, click the [Options] button, and then click [Ringtones and Sounds]. Set your settings for Ringtones and Sounds and click ‘OK’ when finished.

Audio and video device on Lync

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