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Using Exchange Online (Outlook Web App)

Sending an E-mail on Outlook Web App

V. Sending an E-mail on Outlook Web App When you are sending an E-mail from Outlook Web App using HTML, you can change the font format and set other options to change the style of your E-mail. The steps below will guide you through sending on E-mail on Outlook Web App and incorporating the new […]

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Exploring Outlook Web App Properties

II. Exploring Outlook Web App Properties Outlook Web App is an online version of E-mail service that functions through Exchange Online. Outlook Web App delivers a rich, familiar web-based email experience that allows you to access email, voicemail, instant messages, and share your calendar with colleagues using any of the major web browsers. i. Supported […]

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Exploring Exchange Online

I. Exploring Exchange Online Exchange Online, part of Office 365 cloud service, allows you to have access to your E-mail, Contacts, and Calendars from any devices such as your cellular phone, tablet PC, and your notebook. Let’s further explore the details and functionality of Exchange Online. i. Managing Exchange Online 1. Go to [Start] on […]

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