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Guides on using Lync with Office 365

Activity Feeds on Lync

The activity feed list in Lync shows the latest status changes among your contacts, including personal notes, changed pictures, and updated information such as job title and office. You can choose whether to include your information from your contacts’ Activity Feed list. i. View your activity feeds 1. Select Activity feeds on Lync. 2. You […]

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Status Options on Lync 2010

Status options in Lync 2010 specify how your contacts view your status on Microsoft Lync Online communications software. You can set options for inactive and away status changes as well as specify who can see my presence status. i. Changing your status on Lync 2010 You may change your status on Lync depending on your […]

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Contact Card on Lync 2010

Contact Card displays detailed information about people and provides one-click access to several ways of communicating with someone. Lync allows you to send an instant message, start a call, or send an email message directly from someone’s contact card. You can also check free/busy information from the person’s Microsoft outlook calendar, schedule a meeting, and […]

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Privacy Relationship on Lync 2010

Privacy relationships control how much of your presence information you want your contacts to see. Contacts are assigned to five different relationships and each relationship provides access to a different set of information. For example, all new contacts are automatically listed as Colleagues in your organizations when you add them. Therefore they can see more of your […]

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Using Contacts on Lync 2010

III. Contacts for Lync 2010 Lync 2010 has made it easy to organize your contacts list in the way you want to keep your list organized. Lync 2010 allows you to create groups and create frequent contacts. The steps below will guide you through different ways to utilize your contacts on Lync 2010. i. Searching […]

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Setting Up Lync Options on Lync 2010

II. Setting Up Lync 2010 Different options can be set to fit the need for your Lync 2010. In the following, we will look further into a variety of ways to set your options to increase productivity at work and in personal life. i. Start Lync automatically 1. In order to automatically open Lync as your windows starting, […]

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Installing Lync 2010

I. Installing Lync Lync, the all-in-one communication system, allows you to call, video chat, web seminar, share documents and screen, and have online meetings. The following steps will guide you to installing Microsoft Lync 2010 from the Microsoft Office 365 portal homepage. i. Opening Office 365 to install Lync 2010 1. Start-up Microsoft Office 365 […]

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Share your Ideas on Whiteboard with Lync

XIII. Share your ideas on whiteboard with Lync One of Lync’s significant tools is the whiteboard. You are able to elaborate your ideas with colleagues easier and share notes with one other. Whiteboard is an effective tool to have while having a meeting presentation. You can add annotations, stamps, and save the whiteboard as XPS […]

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Have your Meeting at Home with Lync

Case Scenario VI. Have your meeting at home Business meetings are a huge component for work.  Flying out to only attend  a two hour meeting and flying right back home after a meeting can be tiring, time consuming, and costly. Microsoft Lync 2010 removes all the difficulties of needing to travel to meeting.  You are even […]

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