Checking Team Member’s Schedule on SharePoint

Case Scenario IV. Checking team member’s schedule

On the team site, you are able to share your calendars with other team members. You can connect the calendar with Outlook and view the team site calendar. This function will allow you to have a general idea of other member’s schedule which makes it easier to make appointments with one another.

i. Connecting team site calendar with Outlook

a. Select the calendar from your team site. When the ribbon menu shows, go to [Calendar] tab -> [Connect & Export] group -> Click on [Connect to Outlook]

Checking Team Member's Schedule

b. When a new window shows asking for allowance for the website to open a program, click [Allow] and when the new window shows asking to connect this SharePoint Calendar to Outlook, click [Yes]. Outlook Calendar window will appear showing the team site calendar and your calendar.

Checking teammate's calendar on SharePoint

ii. Creating and Editing Appointments

a. Go to the team calendar and select the day you would like to choose for the appointment. Right-click and select  [New Appointment]

Checking teammate's calendar on SharePoint
b. When the new window pane appears, type in the meeting information. Press [Save & Close] and your team member will be notified of the new appointment.

Checking teammate's calendar on SharePoint

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