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To connect with SharePoint Online, log in with your Office 365 e-mail account. SharePoint Online interface is divided into Quick access toolbar, ribbon menu, and the main content. Ribbon menu consists of many quick steps to increase your productivity.

I. Connecting to your Team Site

i. Go to your Office 365 Portal home page by going to [Start] -> [All Programs] -> [Microsoft Office 365] -> [Microsoft Office 365 Portal].

User Interface SharePoint

ii. Log-in with your Office 365 E-mail and password. Once you are logged in, click on [Team Site] to open the site.

User Interface SharePoint

II. Exploring User Interface

1. Ribbon Menu – The ribbon is a command interface that brings many controls out from hiding and onto the page where they can be best utilized. Similar to the User Interface products like Microsoft Word 2010, the ribbon is a toolbar that appears across the top of each page and displays many of the most commonly-used tools, controls, and commands.

2. Site Actions – Provides easy access for new site, New Document library, Site Settings, and more. It is similar to ‘File’ tab in Microsoft Office.

3. My Settings – Located under the Users name on upper right side of the screen. You can update your user information, settings and alerts.

4. Quick Launch– You can navigate through Lists, Libraries, Site pages, and documents on this pane. You can set the ‘Quick Launch’ by going to [Site Actions] -> [Site Setting] -> [Quick Launch].

User Interface SharePoint


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