Connecting to your team site, Check In & Out Documents on SharePoint

Case Scenario I. Connecting to your team site, Check In & Out documents

Do you ever spend your weekend at unease because you are dreading the fact that your team at work has a weekly report due every Monday? Weekends are the days where you are supposed to be away from work and enjoy time spent with your family and friends. But instead you worry about your share of the report and are concerned about whether the rest of the team will have their part done by the deadline as well. You go to work on Monday and once again are apprehensive as you gather the reports last minute for the submission deadline. At this point, you are probably wondering if there is anything that can help make your job easier. SharePoint 2010 is the solution for this case. It allows you and your team to work together by sharing documents and editing each other’s documents through using Microsoft cloud service. SharePoint 2010 allows you to check in and out of documents from the team site library (Sky Drive) and even keep records of edits and changes made.

i. Connecting to your Team Site.

a. Go to [Start] on your Windows -> [All Programs] -> [Microsoft office 365] -> [Microsoft Office 365 portal]. Once the Microsoft Office 365 Log-in pane appears, type in your Microsoft Online Services ID and password and click on [Log-in].

Office 365 Portal homepage

b. Once the Microsoft Office 365 Portal homepage appears, click on the [Team Site] tab.

ii. Checking out documents

a. On left pane, select the ‘library’ where the document is located in. And then select the document. Ribbon menu will show on the top of your screen.

b. Under Library tools, go to [Document] tab -> [Open & Check out] group

c. When a new window pops-up with ‘You are about to check out:’ click ‘OK’

d. In order to edit the document, select the document again and go to [Document] tab ->   [Open & Check out] group -> Click [Edit Document].

Tips*** You may also use the right arrow button next to your document and choose ‘Edit in Microsoft Word’. And you will receive a message as below.
SharePoint 2010 has the ‘Check-in’ and ‘Check-out’ system to avoid any simultaneous editing. This system will allow other members to know who is currently editing the document. You are still able to view the document as read-only file and receive a notification when the server file is available.

iii. Checking in a document

a. Once the document is done editing, save the document, and close the document and you will receive a pop-up message  ‘Other users cannot see your changes until you check in. Do you want to check in now?’ click ‘Yes’

b. You can choose your version type and leave version comments for your other team members.

Tips*** Another way to ‘Check-In’ your document is by going to [Document] tab -> [Open & Check-out] group -> [Check-In]. If you wish not to save the edited version of the document, just click on [Discard Document]

iv. Manage Versions

a. On the edited version of the document, go to [File] tab -> [Info] -> Click on [Manage Versions]

Version History Office 365

b. To view version histories, go to [Document] tab -> [Manage] group -> Click on [View Properties] -> and a new window for the document will show. Click on [Version History] to view the full history on the document.

Tips*** To add or delete a field on your Team Site, go to [Library] tab -> [Manage View] -> [Modify View] or [Create New]

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