Contact Card on Lync 2010

Contact Card displays detailed information about people and provides one-click access to several ways of communicating with someone. Lync allows you to send an instant message, start a call, or send an email message directly from someone’s contact card. You can also check free/busy information from the person’s Microsoft outlook calendar, schedule a meeting, and use the Organization tab to determine where the person fits into his or her organization.

i. View Contact Card

When you place your mouse cursor over a contact, contact card appears. Click on the [Expand Contact Card] button to see the full view of the contact card. You can click on icons to E-mail, instant message, call, and view more options to communicate with the contact. You may also pin your contact to your background screen.

Contact Card on Lync 2010

ii. Display Contact by groups

1. On Lync 2010, you can view your contacts by different groups. It can be by the group you have set or can be by status (Away, unavailable and online) or by relationships.
2. You can also view more layout options by clicking the down arrow and set your preference on how to view your contacts.

Contact Card on Lync 2010

iii. Display Options

On Lync 2010 you can change your display options by clicking on the [Display Options] icon. This allows you to change between Picture View contacts with status, to just name and availability.

Contact Card on Lync 2010

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