Creating a List and a Library on SharePoint

You can customize pages by displaying lists and libraries on them. It becomes helpful if, for example, you want to have all the documents, calendar, and tasks for a project all on one page. The steps below will show you how to create a List and a Library on SharePoint.

i. Creating a List

1. Go to [Site Actions] -> [More Options] -> ‘Create’ window will appear. If the window does not appear, you will need to install Microsoft Silverlight.

List and Library on SharePoint

2. From the ‘Create’ window go to ‘Filter by;’ and select ‘List’ under ‘All Types’. Then select a type from the given choices.
3. On the right side, provide the name and click [Create].
4. If you click on [More Options] you can insert name, description and search. You also have an option whether to put this in the quick access toolbar or not.

List and Library on SharePoint

ii. Create Library

1. Go to [Site Actions] -> [More Options]. When the ‘Create’ window appears, select ‘Library’ under ‘Filter By:’.
2. Insert name and click [Create] when finished.

List and Library on SharePoint

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