Encrypt E-mail Messages on Outlook 2010

Do you have sensitive material on your email message and want to make sure that your recipient is the only one to read it? Encrypt your messages so that only the designated recipient who has the private key that matches the public key used to encrypt message can decipher the message for reading. Other recipients that do not have the private key will see garbled text.

Note*** In order to send and view encrypted email messages, both sender and recipient will have to share their digital ID, or public certificate. You and the recipient each must send the other a digitally signed message, which will allow you to add the other person’s certificate to your contacts.

Get a Digital ID

i. Encrypt a single message

1. Open a new message, and then go to [Options] tab -> [More Options] group -> click [Message Options] Dialog Box Launcher.

2. Click [Security Settings].

Encrypt E-mail Messages

3. Select the [Encrypt message contents and attachments] check box.  Once you compose your message, click [Send].

Encrypt E-mail Messages

ii. Encrypt all outgoing messages

1. Click [File] tab -> click [Options].

Encrypt E-mail Messages

2. Click [Trust Center] -> [Trust Center Settings].

Encrypt E-mail Messages

3. On the [E-mail Security] tab -> under [Encrypted e-mail], select the [Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages] check box.
4. To change additional settings, click [Settings].

Encrypt E-mail Messages

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