Excel Quickguide Part III. Working with your Data

i. Filter your data

1. Select the Data that you want to filter then go to [Data] tab -> [Sort & Filter] group, click [Filter].
2. Click on the down arrow in the column header to display a list to make filter choices.

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3. To select by values, uncheck the [Select All] check box. Then select only the values you want to see and click [OK].

Working with your Data on Excel

ii. Sort your data

1. Select a range of data, such as multiple rows and columns or a single column.  (It can include titles that you created to identify columns or rows). Then select a single cell in the column on which you want to sort.
2. Click on [A-Z down arrow] to perform an ascending sort (A to Z or smallest number to largest) or Z-A for an opposite order.

Working with your Data on Excel

iii. Sort by specific criteria

1. Select a single cell anywhere in the range that you want to sort. On the [Data] tab, in the [Sort & Filter] group, click [Sort].
2. In the [Sort by] list, select the first column on which you want to sort.
3. In the Sort On list, select either Values, Cell Color, Font Color, or Cell Icon.
4. In the Order list, select the order that you want to apply to the sort operation — alphabetically or numerically ascending or descending (that is, A to Z or Z to A for text or lower to higher or higher to lower for numbers).

Working with your Data on Excel

iv. Create a Formula

1. Choose a cell where you want to apply a formula and type an equal sign [=] to start the formula.
2. Type a combination of numbers and operators. For example, 3 + 7.
3. Use the mouse to select other cells (inserting an operator between them). For example, select B1 and then type a plus sign , select C1 and type +, and then select D1. Press Enter when you are done.

Working with your Data on Excel

v. Chart your data

1. Select the data you want, then go to [Insert] tab -> [Charts] group, click the chart type that you want to use and then click a chart subtype.


2. Use the Chart Tools to add chart elements such as titles and data labels, and to change the design, layout, or format of your chart.


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