Excel Quickguide Part IV. Create a table on Excel 2010

Previous blogs have covered briefly on how to create a table on Excel, but this blog will cover more on details such as deleting a table and its data.

i. Create a table

There are couple ways to create a table.

• Insert a table using the default table style.

1. On a worksheet, select the range of cells that you want to include. Then go to [Insert] tab -> [Tables] group and click [Table].
Note*** Keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + L] or [Ctrl + T].
2. If the selected data contains header, check the box next to [My table has headers].

excel 2010

• Insert a table using a style of your choice

1. Select a range of cells to create a table for, then go to [Home] tab -> [Styles] group then click [Format as table].
2. Under Light, Medium or Dark, click the table style that you want to use. If the selected range contains data that you want to display as table headers, click a table style that includes a header row.

Note*** After a table is created, go to [Table Tools] and [Design tab] to customize or edit the table.

Excel 2010

ii. Delete a table without losing the data or table formatting

Click anywhere in the table then go to the [Design] tab, in the Tools group, click [Convert to Range] and then click [Yes].

Excel 2010

iii. Delete a table and its data

On a worksheet, select a table then press delete.

Note*** Press [Ctrl + A] twice to select the entire table, including the header.

Excel 2010


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