Have your Meeting at Home with Lync

Case Scenario VI. Have your meeting at home

Business meetings are a huge component for work.  Flying out to only attend  a two hour meeting and flying right back home after a meeting can be tiring, time consuming, and costly. Microsoft Lync 2010 removes all the difficulties of needing to travel to meeting.  You are even able to attend meetings in the comfort of your own home. The following steps will provide you information on how to request an Online meeting as well as sharing contents for your meeting.

i. Requesting for an online meeting

a. Go to your Outlook calendar and [Home] tab -> [Online Meeting] group -> Click on [New Online Meeting]

Have your meeting at home
b. When the new Online meeting window appears, choose the recipients by clicking on [To] and select location and insert subject.  In the body of the message, there will be a link to join the meeting.
c. Go to [Meeting] group -> [Online Meeting] tab -> Click on [Meeting Options]. In this option, you can set the restrictions on access and Presenters. Press ‘OK’ when you are done setting the options.
d. Finally, press ‘Send’ to invite people for the meeting.

Meeting at home through Lync

ii. Joining Online Meeting and Sharing your Contents

a. Open the registered appointment from your Outlook Calendar and click on ‘Join online Meeting’

Online Meeting at home with Lync
b. New Lync window will appear with a list of attendees. To share your contents, click on ‘Share’ and select ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ and you can choose your file and the presentation will appear on the right pane of the window.

Meeting at home with Lync

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