Working Together Simutaneously on SharePoint

Case Scenario II. Working together Simultaneously

When working on a project together with your colleagues, there will be a time when your colleagues and you may be working on a project together simultaneously especially right before the deadline. SharePoint 2010 allows users to work on a document together, see the changes made on a document, and current changes made. These options on SharePoint 2010 will increase the productivity by saving time and by making working together more simple and organized.

i. Working on a document together

a. Select the document to edit from the library.

Edit from the library

b. When the Word App window appears, click on [Open in Word]

Open in Word

ii. Checking to see who is currently editing the document

a. When the Office program appears, click on [Edit Document]
b. Click on the icon to see who is currently editing the document.

iii. Updating an edited document

a. If the other member is editing the document and has saved the document, there will be a small pane at the bottom where it shows ‘Update Available’. Click on it and click ‘Save’ to view the edited version.  When a new window appears asking ‘Word has refreshed your document with changes made by other authors. If you want to compare the document with a previous version click the File tab.’ Press ‘OK’ to continue.

Working together simutaneously on SharePoint

b. Once the edited version has been updated, the edits will be shown in highlights.

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