Managing Mailboxes on Outlook Web App

XVII. Managing Mailboxes

You can add and edit your mailbox with Outlook Web App. You can create a room mailbox which is a special resource mailbox that is used to reserve physical locations, such as conference rooms, auditoriums, and training labs. After an administrator creates room mailboxes, users can easily reserve rooms by including room mailboxes in meeting requests.

i. Creating a new user mail box

1. Go to Admin Screen -> Under ‘Microsoft Office 365’ -> ‘Exchange Online’ -> Click on [Manage]

Managing Mailboxes
2. On the Mail Options window, go to Users & Groups -> Mailboxes tab -> Click on the down arrow on the toolbar next to [New…] -> Click on [User Mailbox]

Managing Mailboxes
3. When the New Mailbox window appears, fill out the information and press [Save] when you are done.

Managing Mailboxes

ii. Room Mailbox

1. From Admin page, go to [Exchange Online] -> Click on [Manage]  -> [Users & Groups] -> [Mailboxes] -> Click on the down arrow next to [New…] -> Select [Room Mailbox]

Managing Mailboxes
2. When the Room Mailbox window appears, fill in the information and press save.

Managing Mailboxes
3. Go back to your mailbox and see the created room mailbox from your mailbox.

Managing Mailboxes

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