One-Step Team Meeting Request on Outlook

Case Scenario V. One-Step Team Meeting Request

When you sync Outlook calendar with SharePoint, it becomes much easier to request a team meeting as well as managing the meeting. In the next few steps we will show you how to request a team meeting as well as tracking meeting requests.

i. Creating Meeting Request

a. Go to your calendar put your cursor over the time you would like to have a meeting then right click on your mouse and select [New Meeting Request]. When the new pane of the Meeting Request shows, Click on [To] and select your recipients.  And click on Rooms to select location.

Team meeting Request
b. Go to [Meeting] Tab -> [Show] Group -> Click on [Scheduling Assistant] and you can check to see if the other member is available.
c. Click on [Send] to send the meeting request.

ii. Tracking Meeting Requests.

a. On your Outlook calendar, you may view the shared calendar and see that the meeting request has been synced to their calendar as well.
b. If you are the creator of the meeting, you may track meeting request by going to [Meeting] tab -> [Show] group -> Click on [Tracking] then you can track the status of the requests.

Team meeting request on Outlook

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