OneNote 2010 Quickguide Part II Creating a New Notebook

Steps on how to create a new notebook, sections and pages. Learn how to use and keep your notebook organized.

i. Creating a New Notebook

OneNote 2010

1) [File] -> [New] -> Choose [My Computer] from ‘Store Notebook On:’
2) Type in a name for your notebook.
3) Select a location to save the Notebook.
4) Click on [Create Notebook]
5) Notebook is created with a new Section.

ii.  Add a section

Simpply click on ‘Create a new Section’ or right click on the left pane of your notebook and click on [New Section].

OneNote 2010

iii. Changing Section Name

1) Go to the section tab, right click on it and click on [Rename]
2) Type the new name and press enter. Or you may also double click on the tab itself to change the name.

OneNote 2010

iv. Adding a New Page or a Sub Page

OneNote 2010

1) On the right side of the window under the page pane, click on the [New Page] drop down menu.
2) You can either select [New Page] or [New Sub page].
3) When selecting a ‘New Page’ an arrow will show . Then move the arrows around to put the page in the order you would like.

v. Page Name

Insert the title of the page inside the red box.

OneNote 2010

vi. Open and Close your Notebook

1. Closing your OneNote notebook.
On the left pane of the notebook, right click on the notebook and select ‘Close this Notebook’
OneNote 2010
2. Opening your OneNote notebook
[File] tab -> [Open] -> Click on [Open Notebook]
When the documents library window appears, open the folder your notebook is located in and select Open notebook.

OneNote 2010


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