Outlook 2010 Quickguide Part I User Interface

Outlook has been one of the most convenient tools for managing e-mails. As Microsoft continually adapts to the changing needs of people in different industries, Outlook has developed and advanced through the years. Outlook 2010 provides the most complete package deal that includes advanced E-mail organization, Calendar, Tasks, and attractive Social networking features. Outlook 2010 provides you with services to stay connected and productive whether you are at home, work, or even while on route to your destination.


Although the ribbon menu has already been introduced in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 brings it to a whole new level with features that will enhance the experience for the end-users.

1. Backstage View ([File] Tab)
Provides easy access for adding an account, changing settings, saving, printing and help.

2. Quick Access Tool Bar
Customize your commonly used commands in this Toolbar for easy and quick access. You may choose to edit the commands by clicking on the or by right clicking on the often used icon from the ribbon menu and select “Add to Quick Access ToolBar”

3. Ribbon Menu
Provides easy access to features such as New E-mail, Reply, and Delete. The Ribbon Menu is divided into  Tab, Group, Tools.

4. Navigation Pane
Helps you organize your e-mails by folders. You may also right click on a folder to name or rename your folder.

5. Section Buttons
Allows for easy navigation between Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.

6. Minimize the Ribbon
You can opt to minimize the ribbon for your preference on space usage.

7. Microsoft Outlook Help
Click on the help button to search for any questions you may have about Outlook 2010. Use [F1] key as a shortcut.

8. Status View
You may view the status of downloads, items in the folder, and unread emails.

9. E-mail View
Normal view and Reading view. Reading view gives you more space to read by minimizing the Navigation pane and Ribbon Menu.

10. Zoom Control
Easy Zoom control to view your E-mails in different sizes for your preference.

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