PowerPoint 2010 Quickguide Part V Editing Images

V. Editing Images

i. Inserting a picture.

[Insert] tab -> [Images] group -> Click on [Picture] choose a picture from your files to insert.

Insert Picture

ii. Inserting Clip Art

[Insert] tab -> [Images] group -> Click on [Clip Art]

Clip Art

Once you click on [Clip Art], on the right pane window you can search for the clip art to insert. Simply type in the word
related to the clip art and a list of different Clip Art will be displayed.

Insert Clip Art

iii. Cropping

Using the Cropping feature will enable you to crop out any part that is unnecessary. PowerPoint 2010 allows you to crop into a shape, use different aspects, cropping in same ratio, and many more features.

PowerPoint 2010

1) Cropping by dragging

a. Select the picture
b. Go to [Picture Tools] Tab -> [Format] Tab -> [Size] group -> Click on [Crop] -> and select [Crop]
c. Click on the black edge to drag into a specific size.
d. Press ESC once you are done.


2) Cropping into a shape

a. Select the picture
b. Go to [Picture Tools] Tab -> [Format] Tab -> [Size] group -> Click on [Crop] -> and select [Crop to Shape]
c. Select the shape you would like.

3) Removing Background on a picture on PowerPoint 2010

When you use the Remove Background tool, you can remove the unnecessary background therefore allowing for more space on your slide or to make your presentation more professional in appearance.

a) Select the picture on the slide.
b) [Picture Tools] tab -> [Format] group -> [Adjust] -> [Remove Background]
c) Select the area you would like to keep by dragging the handles.
d) To be more detailed, go to [Background Removal tab] and you can select on [Mark Areas to Keep] or [Mark Areas to Remove]. And on the picture, mark areas you wish to keep or remove.
e) After you are done with your changes, Select [Keep Changes]

PowerPoint 2010

iv. Converting a picture into a SmartArt

Just like converting text into a SmartArt, you may convert a picture into a SmartArt as well.

1) Select the picture(s) you would like to convert.
2) Picture Tools tab -> Format -> Picture Styles -> Picture Layout -> then select the layout you would like for your picture.

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010


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