PowerPoint 2010 Quickguide Part II Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

Creating a New Presentation

i. Creating a new presentation

[File] tab -> [New]  -> Select from the available Templates and Themes -> [Create]
Or press [Ctrl] + [N]

ii. Inserting a slide


[Home] tab  -> [Slide] group -> [New Slide]. After you click on [New Slide], you can select the desired layout and click on it. If you wish to use the same layout, you may also select a slide on the left pane and press enter.

iii. Changing your Slide layout

PowerPoint Quickguide

To change the layout of your existing slide, go to [Home] tab, then in the [Slides] group click on [Layout] to select your layout.

iv. Changing Design & Theme

PowerPoint Quickguide

PowerPoint 2010 allows you to easily change the theme of your presentation. To change the theme of your presentation, click on [Designs] Tab and under [Theme] group, you can click on PowerPoint 2010 More button to select the theme. You can change the colors, fonts and effects.

v. Inserting Header and Footer

To insert slide number, date or footnotes, click on [Insert] Tab and in the [Text] group click on [Header and Footer]. When the new window appears, you can choose your preference on how you would like it to appear on the presentation.

Header and Footer in PowerPoint 2010

vi. Adding Sections to your presentation  *NEW

By adding sections to your presentation, easily organize and edit your presentation.

Adding Sections

i) Adding a Section

Right Click on the desired slide in the left pane and select ‘Add Section’

ii) Section management

Once a section is created, right click to change the name of the section.

vii. Save & Send *NEW

One of the changes in PowerPoint 2010 is that the file format has changed to ‘*.pptx’. To save in a different format, go to File -> Save & Send and you can change your PowerPoint presentation to a different format when sharing with other versions of ppt. PowerPoint 2010 allows you to save your file on SharePoint which allows you to broadcast your presentation on the Web.

Save and Send PowerPoint 2010

i) In PowerPoint 2010, you may save your current file *.pptx in to PowerPoint 97-03 version and vice versa. [File] -> [Save& Send] -> [Change File Type] -> Click on the type you would like to save in.

ii) To save in PDF format. [File] -> [Save & Send] -> [Create PDF/XPS Document]

iii) Save to Web: Allows you to save to a Sky Drive which is provided by Windows Live. Once it is saved to web, you may edit the document on the web even if you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer. In order to have a Windows Live account, you need an MSN, Hotmail or any other associated account.

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