PowerPoint 2010 Quickguide Part III Formatting and Editing Inserted Text

When you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, you must make the content catchy and effective. Pictures or graphs are often easiest way but you can make text in your presentation effective as well. There are many different ways to emphasize text on your PowerPoint presentation. Steps below will show you how to insert bullet points, customize bullets symbol, and spacings to make your presentation easy on the eyes.

i. Inserting Bullet Points

When inserting bullet points in your presentation, use [Tab] to move it to the right, or [Shift] + [Tab] to move it to the left. Use [Shift] + [Enter] to change lines without using the bullet point.

Inserting Text

ii. Customizing Bullets symbol

Choose from various styles for your bullet point symbol by following the directions below.
[Home] Tab -> [Paragraph] group -> Click on [Bullets].

If you choose to use numbering instead,
[Home] Tab -> [Paragraph] group -> Click on [Numbering].

Bullet Point Change

iii. Spacing between Bullets and Text.

Make sure to check the Ruler Box which can be found under [Views] Tab, in [Show] group. Once the Ruler box is checked, you may change spacing between the bullets and text by moving the arrows as show in the diagram.

Inserting Text

iv. Customizing spacing between the lines

[Home] tab -> [Paragraph] group -> Click on the [Line Spacing]. You may select different spacing to make your presentation more visible depending on your needs.

Inserting Text

v. Spacing between Paragraphs

To customize spacing between paragraphs, Select [Home] tab -> [Paragraph] group -> Click on the Icon () to show the Paragraph dialog box. In the dialog box, choose spacing either from before/after.

Inserting Text

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