PowerPoint 2010 Quickguide Part IV Inserting Images and Diagrams

Images and Diagrams are one of the most effective way in a PowerPoint presentation. Below steps will guide you through how to insert images, diagrams, and different ways to work with shapes.

i. Drawing

To put an image or diagram on your slide, there are two ways to do so. [Home] tab -> Drawing or you can go to [Insert] tab -> [Illustration] group -> click on [Shape]. Once you select the shape you want, you may drag to resize for your presentation.

1) Different handles for Images and Diagrams.


2) Keyboard Shortcuts for diagram slides

[Shift] + Drag Move shape(s) vertically and horizontally.
[Ctrl] + Drag Copy and paste shape
[Alt] + Drag Move shapes in small increments (more smoothly)
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + Drag Copy the shape and place in vertical or horizontal from the original shape
[Ctrl] + [G] Group your shapes together
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [G] Ungroup your shapes.

3) Shape Grouping *NEW

PowerPoint 2010 allows you to easily combine, shape intersect, shape union, and subtract shapes. To use these functions, you will have to add them to your Quick Access bar.

i) [File] tab -> [Options]
ii) Choose [Quick Access Tool Bar] -> Under [Choose Commands from:] select [Commands Not in the ribbon]
iii) Individually add ‘Shape Combine’, ‘Shape Intersect’, ‘Shape Union’, ‘Shape Subtract’, ‘Shape Combine’ to the Quick Access Bar one by one. Choose your shapes by holding [Ctrl] button and select from the Quick Access Bar.

*** When subtracting shape, the effect occurs on which shape you select first.

Insert Images

ii. Selecting Shape Format

Insert Images
Double click on the shape, go to [Drawing Tools] -> [Format] Tab -> [Shape Styles] group.

i) Choosing Shape Style.
Click on to choose from many different shape options.

ii) Shape Fill
Fill in the shape with different colors, gradients, pictures, and textures.

iii) Shape Outline
Select from a variety of colors for the outline, thickness, type of line, and arrow.

iv) Shape Effects
Select different effects for your shape. Choose from Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Soft Edges, Bevel and 3-D Rotation.

v) Formatting Shape Details
To format the details of a shape, click on or right click on the shape and choose Format shape.

iii. Shape Arrangement

Arrange shapes together by moving it either forward or pushing it backwards. When you are working on your presentation, arrange the order by clicking on the [Drawing Tools] Tab -> [Arrange] Group.  Click on either [Bring Forward] or [Send Backward].

Shape Arrangement

iv. Grouping Shapes

PowerPoint 2010 enables you to Group or Un-Group all the shapes together. Go to [Drawing Tools] Tab -> [Format] Tab-> [Arrange] Group -> and click on [Group] to group them together or to ungroup. For a quicker results, select the images or shapes by holding [Shift] and then you can press [Ctrl] + [G] to group them together or [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [G] to ungroup.

Shape Arrangement

v. Alignment and space distribution

To align shapes and space distribution, go to [Drawing Tools] Tab -> [Format] Tab-> [Arrange] Group -> and click on [Align]. Utilize various options to arrange and align shapes and images.

Shape Arrangement

 vi. Inserting SmartArt

i) What is SmartArt?

SmartArt is a diagram that demonstrates logic and relationship in your presentation.  SmartArt uses simple texts and shapes to make your presentation more appealing, easier to interpret and more effective.
Inserting SmartArt

ii) Inserting SmartArt

1) [Insert] tab -> [Illustration] group -> Click on [SmartArt]
2) Select SmartArt graphic from the list and click OK
3) Click on ‘Text’ to insert your text. To get a text pane, go to [SmartArt Tools] tab -> [Design] -> [Create Graphic] group -> click on [Text Pane]. You will then get a text pane where you can insert texts for each section.

Inserting SmartArt

vii. Converting Text in to SmartArt

There are two ways to convert Text into SmartArt. Highlight the text you would like to convert, then go to [Home] tab -> [Paragraph] group -> click on [Convert to SmartArt] and choose the SmartArt shape you would like. You may also convert by right clicking on the highlighted text, choose Convert to SmartArt, then choose the design you would like.


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