Privacy Relationship on Lync 2010

Privacy relationships control how much of your presence information you want your contacts to see. Contacts are assigned to five different relationships and each relationship provides access to a different set of information. For example, all new contacts are automatically listed as Colleagues in your organizations when you add them. Therefore they can see more of your information than External Contacts but less than Friends and Family.

i. Changing privacy relationships

To change the privacy relationship of one of your contacts, right click on the contact and select ‘Change Privacy Relationships’. Then you can choose from the choices provided.

Privacy Relationships on Lync 2010

ii. Block Contacts

You can choose to block someone from your contacts and the person will only be able to view your name and E-mail address.
Right click on the contact -> [Change Privacy Relationships] -> Click on [Blocked Contacts]

Privacy Relationships on Lync 2010

iii. Presence and Privacy Relationships

The following table shows which presence information attributes are available for a given privacy relationship. Contacts with whom you have a Workgroup relationship are likely to be important. Only these contacts can interrupt you when you have set your status to Do Not Disturb.

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