Saving your Office Documents on SharePoint

Case Scenario VIII. Saving your Office Documents on SharePoint

When you add your SharePoint document library to your Microsoft Office, you can save your documents without having to log on to your team site library every time. You may upload any Office documents and easily manage them. The following steps will show you how to connect Office to SharePoint and save documents to SharePoint.

i. Connect to Office

a. Go to your Team Site [Library] and select the page you would like to connect with Office. Then go to [Library] tab -> [Connect & Export] group -> [Connect to Office] -> Select [Add to SharePoint Sites]
b. If you go to [Connect to Office] -> Select [Manage SharePoint Sites], you can view that the Site Link address has been added to the Document Libraries.

Saving documents on SharePoint

Saving documents on SharePoint

ii. Saving Office document to SharePoint

a. Open a new Office document to work on or an existing file.
b. Go to [File] tab -> [Save & Send] -> [Save to SharePoint] -> Select your location and click on [Save As]. When the added SharePoint Site appears, name your file and click [Save]

Saving documents on SharePoint
c. You can view your SharePoint site and see that it has been uploaded.

Saving documents on SharePoint

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