Setting Notifications for Updated Documents on SharePoint

Case Scenario III. Setting notifications for updated documents

When there is a team site page that is often being used to edit documents, you can set notifications for the updates for this page using Outlook 2010. This option resolves the hassle of checking your team site constantly to check for updates.

i. Setting up notifications

a. Select the library where you would like to set-up your notifications in.
b. Go to [Documents] tab -> [Share & Track] group -> Click on [Alert Me] -> Select ‘Set alert on this document’

Alert Setting SharePoint

You may select who the notification will be going to. Furthermore, you have an option to send it as an e-mail , text message, and many other options. When you open your Outlook, you  will have received a message for notifications.

ii. Managing my alerts

a. To review the alerts set on a document, select the library from your team site and click on a document to manage alert on.
b. Go to [Documents] tab -> [Share & Track] group -> ‘Alert Me’ ->  Click on ‘Manage my alerts’.


c. You can review the alerts set for this document. You may choose to ‘Add Alert’ depending on your preference.


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