Share your Ideas on Whiteboard with Lync

XIII. Share your ideas on whiteboard with Lync

One of Lync’s significant tools is the whiteboard. You are able to elaborate your ideas with colleagues easier and share notes with one other. Whiteboard is an effective tool to have while having a meeting presentation. You can add annotations, stamps, and save the whiteboard as XPS or IMG file.

i. Selecting a new whiteboard

a. Select the person you would like to share whiteboard with and go to [Share] -> [New Whiteboard]

Using Whiteboard with Lync 2010
b. Instant Message window will appear with a Whiteboard.

Using Whiteboard with Lync 2010

ii. Inserting Image, Annotations, and Stamps

a. On the bottom of the whiteboard, click on the Insert Image icon. When the ‘open’ window appears, select your image and click [Open]

Share your whiteboard

Share Whiteboard on Lync
b. You can use the highlighters to emphasize your points in discussions.
c. You can select your stamp and annotations for the whiteboard.
d. You can save the whiteboard with all the notes and annotations as well.

Using Whiteboard with Lync 2010

Tip*** You may save the whiteboard in XPS file or PNG file.

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  1. George Mc Guire April 16, 2013 at 2:47 am #

    How can I upload a whiteboard I saved yesterday and would like to use today (closing Lync in between)?

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