Synchronizing with SharePoint Workspace

SharePoint Workspace is a desktop program that you can use to take SharePoint site content offline and collaborate on the content with others while being disconnected from the network. While you and other team members are offline, you can make changes to SharePoint content that will eventually synchronize back to the SharePoint site. Using SharePoint Workspace can help save you time and help manage your collaboration efforts much more effectively.

i. Synchronize a SharePoint workspace with a SharePoint site

1. Go to your SharePoint site you would like to synchronize, click the [Site Actions] and click on [Sync to SharePoint Workspace].

SharePoint Workspace

2. To selectively control which libraries and lists are downloaded, click [Configure].

SharePoint Workspace

3. For each list or library, select it, and then in the Download box, select Headers Only (libraries only) or No Content. You can download the full content later on if you need to.

SharePoint Workspace

Note*** If the sites contains subsites, these are not downloaded, but you can download those separately if you need to.

ii. Synchronize a SharePoint workspace with a specific library or list

1. Go to the SharePoint site containing the list or library you want to synchronize.
2. Click the name of the list or library on the Quick Launch, or click Site Actions, click [View All Site Content], and then in the appropriate list or library section, click the name of the list or library.

SharePoint Workspace

3. In the ribbon, on the List or Library tab, in the Connect & Export group, click [Sync to SharePoint Workspace].

SharePoint Workspace

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