Status Options on Lync 2010

Status options in Lync 2010 specify how your contacts view your status on Microsoft Lync Online communications software. You can set options for inactive and away status changes as well as specify who can see my presence status.

i. Changing your status on Lync 2010

You may change your status on Lync depending on your availability. Do this by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting on your availability.

Status Options on Lync 2010

ii. Set options on inactive and away status changes

Lync online will automatically change your status to inactive if you have not done a mouse or keyboard action for a period of time. Lync indicator displays a yellow status indicator and the word ‘Inactive’ after your status has been ‘Inactive’ for a period of time. Five minutes is the default period for these options, but you can specify a longer time.
Go to Lync [Options] -> [Status] -> and select minutes for being inactive and away.

Status options on Lync 2010Status options on Lync 2010

iii. Setting your status to ‘Do not disturb’

When you are concentrating on your work, you may need some time when you do not want to be disturbed by your colleagues. On Lync 2010, it can easily be done by changing your status to ‘Do not disturb’. Other contacts will not be able to send you messages. A ‘Do not disturb’ sign will be displayed next to their name when viewed on the contacts list.

Status options on Lync 2010

iv. Setting your location

You can set your location so that your colleagues know where you are. This is helpful if your colleagues are trying to schedule an appointment or would like to know your whereabouts. You can also opt to not show your current location by unchecking ‘Show others my location’

Status options on Lync 2010

v. Update

You can set your updates about your personal life, favorite quotes, or any messages that you may want to send out to your contacts.

Status options on Lync 2010

vi. Syncing your status with Outlook

If you set automatic replies on your Outlook calendar, it can appear on your Lync 2010. To set automatic replies check out this link to set it up on Outlook Web App
Or go to your Outlook [File] -> [Info] -> and click on [Automatic Replies] to set your automatic replies.

Status options on Lync 2010

vii. Tag for status change alerts

When one of your contacts is unavailable, you can tag the contact for status change alerts. When the contact becomes available, Lync will notify you of their availability.
Right click on the contact and select ‘Tag for status change alerts’

Status options on Lync 2010

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