Using Instant Messaging to Increase your Productivity

Case Scenario VII. Using Instant Messaging to increase your productivity

If you utilize Microsoft Lync 2010 and sync it with Outlook 2010, you are able to use instant messaging with Outlook Contacts as long as they have Microsoft Lync. With this, you can view the status of the person, instant message, send an E-mail, even organize meeting requests.

i. Using the Business card on Address book

a. When sending an E-mail to a known recipient in your address book, you are able to just put your mouse cursor over the name and their business card will show as well as their current status.
b. If the recipient is online, you may instant message them instead of sending an E-mail. To send an instant message, you can just click the Lync message.

Instant Messaging with Lync and Outlook

Tip*** On Outlook 2010, you may view the record of Lync 2010 instant messages.

Conversation history on Outlook 2010

ii. Using Frequent Contacts

a. Open Outlook and there is a section for frequent contacts by the task bars. Put your cursor over the recipient you would like to communicate with.
b. If the business card appears, click on [Call] to contact the person and Lync window will appear allowing you to call the person.

Instant Messaging with Lync and Outlook

Instant Message with Lync and Outlook

Tip*** If you can’t view the frequent contacts, go to [View] tab -> [Layout] group -> [To-do Bar] -> Select [Quick Contacts]

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