Instant Messaging on Lync

You can have instant messaging conversations with one or more contacts at the same time. You can specify font type and characteristics, such as bold, underline, italics, and color. You can also insert emoticons and paste text and tables that you copied from other Microsoft Office programs, such as the Microsoft Word word-processing program and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software.

i. Sending and receiving instant message

On your Lync window, click on the contact you would like to instant message or just place your mouse cursor over the contact and click on the instant message icon. You can also double click on the contact to go directly to instant messaging. When you receive a message, Lync icon will appear on the background with flashing lync icon on the bottom.

Instant Message on Lync

TIP*** You can copy and paste text and table from Word or Excel.

ii. Send an Instant Message to Select Members of a Distribution or Contact Group

1. Go to your group and right click on group and select [Send an Instant Message].

Instant Message on Lync
2. When the group message window appears, you can type in your message and send to the whole group.

Instant Message on Lync

iii. Invite another contact to a conversation

If you would like to invite someone new during an IM conversation you can open Lync and drag one or more contacts into the Conversation window or from the Contacts list. Another option is to click on the [People Options] and you can select [Invite by Name or Phone Number].

Instant Message on Lync

iv. Conversation Subject

When you are instant messaging a group from your contacts list you can set your conversation subject so the contacts in your group acknowledges what the conversation will be for. On the group conversation click on [More Options] and select ‘Change conversation Subject’. Then type in a conversation subject and press ‘OK’.

Instant Message on Lync

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