Working Offline and Increase your Productivity

Case Scenario IX. Working offline

One of the main benefits when using Office 365 is that you can work even when you are offline. As long as the Team Site has been synced with SharePoint workspace, you are able to work or edit your documents on your device. Once you are connected online, the document will automatically upload itself.  The following steps will show you how to sync with SharePoint workspace.

i. Syncing with SharePoint Workspace

a. Go to your Team Site and select the page you would like to sync with SharePoint Workspace. Then go to [Library] tab -> [Connect & Export]  group -> Click on [Sync to SharePoint Workspace]

Working Offline
b. You can view the uploaded documents SharePoint Workspace window.

Working offline

ii. Working with an Offline Copy

a. If you wanted to work on your copy while you are not connected to the internet, just open up SharePoint Workspace and right-click on a document and select ‘Open’.
b. The document will have an ‘Offline Copy’ in the status message. After you are done working on the document, press ‘Save’
c. The document will have ‘Upload Pending’ message in the status bar.

Working Offline with SharePoint

iii. Uploading your Offline Copy

a. To view the pending upload documents, go to Upload center by, clicking on the ‘Upload Pending’ in the status bar -> [Resolve] -> Select [Upload Center].

Upload offline copy
b. You can see the pending uploads. Once your device is connected online, they will automatically sync and the message in the upload center will be gone.

Working offline on SharePoint

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